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Cognition #0, #1 and #2
(single issues)


#0 - £3.00
Comprises 3 short stories that introduce the main characters, their world and the supernatural laws that govern them.

They Never See it Coming - The BOSS team run sting operations, looking to expose fake spiritualist mediums. The trouble starts when they stumble over the real deal.

The Devil’s Fishing Hole - Cal & Sigma investigate when a number of people go missing on Hackney marshes. They get more than they bargained for when they discover truth.

Frame Breakers - A dangerous group of radicals plot the downfall of the British Empire. A dangerous enemy is revealed.

Included in the issue is the BOSS Personnel File, which gives a bit more information about our heroes and a special pin-up gallery from guest artists.

#1 - £3.00
The first long form COGNITION story.
After introducing the characters and their world in the #0 issue, we get to see the team swing into action battling a malevolent demon for the possession of an innocent soul.

Also includes the 4 page short 'What the Butler Saw' & pin-up gallery.

#2 - £3.00
This issue begins the meat of our first story arc in earnest. The BOSS team are visiting Norfolk in search of the legendary demon dog know locally as 'Black Shuck'. What they find will propel them into an adventure into myth and occult powers beyond their understanding.

Also includes the 4 page short 'Whisper into the Void' & pin-up gallery.


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